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The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate adult-use marihuana establishments. The city finds that these activities are significantly connected to the public health, safety, security, and welfare of its citizens and it is therefore necessary to regulate and enforce safety, security, fire, policing, health, and sanitation practices related to such activities and also to provide a method to defray administrative costs incurred by such regulation and enforcement. It is not the intent of this ordinance to diminish, abrogate, or restrict the protections for adult-use marihuana use found in the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, MCL 333.27951, et seq. (the “Act”).
The ordinance outlines the standards, application process, licensing process, and penalties for violations.

(A) All Grower Facilities shall be limited to the M-1-P, M-2, and M-2-P Zoning Districts. Processor Facilities shall be limited to B-3, M-1-P, M-2, and M-2-P Zoning Districts.  See map below.

zoning map