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The City Manager’s Office is the central administrative office for the City of Albion. The City Manager is the chief appointed official for  the City.

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and coordinates all city departments to implement the programs and policies of the City Council. The Manager is responsible for budget preparation and management, purchasing, agenda preparation, contract administration, directing all department heads, making recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, policy design and implementation and establishing organizational goals with the direction of the Mayor and City Council. The City Manager ensures that the City Council receives professional and objective staff advice and recommendations.

The City Manager's support staff includes the Administrative Assistant/Human Resources Coordinator.

Should you have a question about general city operations or would like to send information to the City Manager or City Council, please contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.

Assistant City Manager:

The Assistant City Manager, under the general direction of the City Manager, serves as liaison between the City Manager, other City Departments, State, local, and municipal officials, the media, community groups, businesses, and the general public. The Assistant City Manager plans and coordinates a variety of projects, participates in the development, implementation and administration of administrative policies, procedures and programs in support of the City Manager, City Council and Mayor. The principal function of the Assistant City Manager is to guide, as assigned, the activities of various Departments and special projects to ensure they are in concert with the policies and goals of the City Manager, City Council and Mayor; provide administrative guidance, as assigned, to departments to ensure the City’s goals and objectives are achieved in a timely and professional manner; assist in the overall daily operations; and recommend organizational enhancements as necessary.


112 W. Cass Street 
Albion, MI 49224

Assistant City Manager:
Stacey Levin 
(517) 629-7863
Fax: (517) 629-4168

City Manager
Tel:   (517) 629-7172
Fax:  (517) 629-4168


Stacey Levin

Assistant City Manager
Tel:      (517) 629-7863
Fax:     (517) 629-4168