Code Enforcement & Building Safety

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The Code Enforcement Officer is the focused intake person for all complaints regarding property within the city. The Code Enforcement Officer also enforces the Solid Waste Ordinance, Noxious Vegetation Ordinance, International Property Maintenance Code and other  ordinances and coordinates City Clean-Up projects. 

Building, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Permits
The building inspection services of Senior Code Enforcement Officer John Tracy are currently contracted from SAFEbuilt (formerly Cornerstone Inspection Services, LLC). All permits - except for zoning permits - can be found by clicking here. SAFEbuilt will coordinate all inspections and permits can be paid for at City Hall (112 W Cass St. Albion, MI 49224). To see all other zoning, variance, and other applications please see the Applications & Permits page under Planning & Zoning.

Neighbor and tenant complaints may be made by filling out a Citizen Complaint Form at City Hall or by contacting the Code Enforcement Officer at (517) 629-7189. 

Clean-Up Projects
The Code Enforcement Officer coordinates a variety of City Clean-Up Projects, identifying locations and working with volunteers. Individuals and groups willing to volunteer for Clean-Up Projects are encouraged to call this office or the Albion Volunteer Service Organization at (517) 629-5574. 


John Tracy
Director of Planning, Building & Code Enforcement
112 W. Cass St.
Albion, MI  49224

Tel:  (517) 629-7189
Fax:  (517) 629-7454

Lindsey Collins
Code Enforcement Officer
112 W Cass St

SAFEbuilt, LLC
Commercial & Residential Code Inspection Services
107 S. Capital Ave.
P.O. Box 190
Athens, MI 49011

Inspection Scheduling:
(877) 721-9266
Office: (269) 729-9244
Fax: 269-729-9254