Public Services


112 W. Cass Street 
Albion MI 49224

 Kent Phillips
Acting Director of Public Services

Tel: (517) 629-7887

Deputy Director of Public Services:
Tel:  (517) 629-3610

For emergencies call (517) 812-4178

Water/Sewer Division Tel: (517) 629-5535

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tel: (517) 629-3011

Riverside Cemetery

Tel: (517) 629-2479 

FAX: (517) 629-9849

Emergencies: 911 (Public Safety)

Streets, Parks, and Cemetery Maintenance;   

Water, Sewer, and Storm Sewer Utilities

The 22 unionized employees and two directors of the Albion Department of Public Services are responsible for the maintenance and repair of 54 miles of streets, 100 miles of sidewalks, 60 miles of storm sewer pipes, 60 miles of water lines and 500 hydrants, 54 miles of sanitary sewers, and 90 acres of designated public parks.

Other responsibilities include management and care of the recycling center, tree dump, and of Riverside Cemetery; code enforcement; parks maintenance; snow and ice removal; fall leaf pick-up; the organization of Clean-Up Day; the Wastewater Treatment Plant; street sweeping; and maintenance and management of the City's vehicle and heavy-equipment fleet. The department is also in charge of the coordination and monitoring of environmental investigations and remediation on municipally-owned property.

The department’s employees strive to provide the high quality customer service to the citizens of Albion that residents have come to know and to expect.

The Department Public Services garage is located at 12980 27 Mile Road.

The Water Division is responsible for making sure that state and federal guidelines are met for the delivery of a safe drinking water supply. The Water Division oversees functioning and testing of water wells and chemical additives and maintains the water mains, water tower and water pumps as well as the city's fire hydrant system.

The Sewer Division is responsible for the safe and effective operation of the sewer collection system and the safe transmission of waste waters to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 1000 Brownswood, treats residential and industrial waste waters to remove solids and harmful minerals, and disinfects the water for safe discharge into the Kalamazoo River.

The Street Division provides for the safe and smooth flow of traffic by maintaining traffic control devices and keeping the streets clean and free from potholes, leaves, limbs, trash, snow and ice. The Street Division maintains the City streets, parking lots, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, storm sewers, bridges and street trees. Special projects include preparations for the Memorial Day ceremony, Festival of the Forks and Albion Aglow; special services include Christmas tree pickup.

The Parks Division maintains Albion's 17 parks as well as the grounds of the Depot and City Hall. The city's Forestry Program provides for inspection of city trees to determine maintenance needs.

The Cemetery Division is responsible for burials, lot sales, and the maintenance of Riverside Cemetery. (See the separate listings under Parks and Riverside Cemetery for details about these two areas.)

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