Welcome to the City of Albion, Michigan

The City of Albion is located in south-central Michigan. Tenney Peabody, Albion's first permanent settler, arrived at 'The Forks' in 1833. In 1835, Mrs. Peabody named the area 'Albion' because some of the early settlers, including Jesse Crowell, hailed from Albion Township, New York. ('Albion' won out over 'Peabodyville,' Mrs. Peabody's first choice.)
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Feb 23

2017 Mow and Maintenance Program

Neighborhood Mow &
Maintenance Application

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Feb 22

Open Mic Night

Feb 15

Granger Trash & Yard Waste Hauler
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Feb 13

Please be advised-a new "PHONE SCAM" has hit the Albion area.  Albion residents may receive calls that show up on their caller ID with the City of Albion as the caller and will have a city phone number associated with it.  The caller then explains that there was an issue with the Read More