Food Truck

Food Truck Application

Any mobile food vendor shall comply with the following requirements
a. Provide appropriate receptacles at the site of the mobile food vending unit and remove all litter,
debris, and other waste attributable to the vendor on a daily basis.
b. If operating on city-owned or controlled property, may only locate on such property as
established in a resolution adopted by the City Council.
c. If parked on public streets, mobile food vendors shall conform to all state and local laws.
d. A mobile food vendor shall not operate a mobile food vending unit within five hundred (500) feet
of any fair, festival, special event, or civic event that is licensed or sanctioned by the City unless
the vendor has obtained permission from the event sponsor.
e. Mobile food vendors shall not use any flashing or blinking or strobing lights; all exterior lights
over 60 watts shall contain opaque shielding to direct the illumination downward.
f. Mobile food vendors shall not use loud music, amplification devices or “crying out” or any other
audible methods to gain attention which cause a disruption or safety hazard as determined by
the City.
g. Within R-1, and R-2 zoned districts, mobile food vendors may only operate between the hours of
9:00 am, and 9:00 pm.
h. Food and beverage service shall be conducted from the side of the mobile food vending unit that
faces a curb, lawn, or sidewalk when parked. No food service shall be provided on the drivinglane
side of the mobile food vending unit.
i. No mobile food vendor shall provide or allow any dining area within 10 feet of the mobile food
business, including but not limited to tables, chairs, booths, stools, benches, or stand-up
counters or within the public right-of-way, including but not limited to sidewalks.
j. Signage is allowed on the mobile food vending unit, provided it is in compliance with Chapter 64
of the City Code of Ordinances. Additionally, one auxiliary sandwich board sign not more than
six (6) square feet in area and up to three feet in height is permitted. The auxiliary sign shall not
be placed in vehicle travel lanes and must be located at least five feet of clear pedestrian
k. No mobile food vending unit shall be left unattended and unsecured at any time food is in the
vehicle. Any mobile food vending unit found to be unattended shall be considered a public safety
hazard and may be ticketed and or towed at the owner’s expense.
l. A mobile food vendor may operate on private property only with owner consent and in
compliance with the City Zoning code.
m. Any electrical power required for the operation of a mobile food vending unit located on a public
right-of-way shall be self-contained, and a mobile food business shall not use utilities drawn from
the public right-of-way. A mobile food vending unit may use electrical power from private
property on which it has permission to operate with the property owner’s consent.
n. No mobile food vendor shall represent that the granting of a permit under this chapter is an
endorsement by the City of Albion.
1. Enforcement
a. Any permit holder operating a mobile food vending unit in violation of any provision of this article, or
any rules and regulations set forth by the City is responsible for a civil infraction and is subject to a
fine of $250 per day. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate and distinct offense.
b. Once a license has been issued, it may be revoked, suspended, or not renewed by the City clerk for
failure to comply with the provisions of this article and any rules or regulations set forth by the City.
c.  A permit from the Health Department is required.
          Calhoun County Health Department-Shanay A. Settles   269-986-9164