Prevent B&E's

Here are some ways to prevent YOUR house from getting broken into:


* Lock your doors and windows before you leave the house or when you are there.
* Obtain an alarm system.
* Add curtains to windows.
* Remove hiding locations; trim trees up 6 feet and trim bushes down 3 feet.
* Lock your garage doors.
* Sliding glass doors, place a stick at the bottom.
* Have motion lights on your house
*Do not leave spare keys outside, suspects know where to find them
*If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, call 911.
*Be apart of your neighbor watch group.

If you are gone for a period of time:

* Make your home look like you are home. Place your lights on timers, turn them off during daylight and have them turned on at night.
* Have your Post Office stop your mail or have someone you trust pick them up everyday.
* Have your lawn mowed or snow shoveled.
* You can click here and fill out a form of when you will be gone and an officer will check your residence.

If your home is broken into:

* Do not go inside, the person that broke in may still be inside.
*Call 911
*Do not touch anything or clean up until the police have observed your residence.
*Write down license plate numbers of any suspicious vehicles in the area.