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  1. Obtain a burning permit from the Albion Public Safety for Open Burning by filling out the form below or coming to the police station between 8am and 2pm.
  2. Periods for open burning are restricted to MARCH 15 Through APRIL 14, and also OCTOBER 1 through NOVEMBER 30.  During these periods burning is allowed whenever wind speeds do not exceed 10 mph (Please check the weather channel or www.weather.com for local wind speeds)
  3. If wind speeds do not exceed 10 mph burning is allowed.  If while you are burning the winds increase above 10 mph the fire shall be extinguished.
  4. Be cautious and provide a means of extinguishments at all times.  The burning SHALL be extinguished when not attended by an adult.
  5. Should your burning get out of control, contact 911 and request Assistance Immediately.

Please fill out the form below to submit a burning permit.  Once a permit is granted it is good for the entire calendar year.  Please make sure you include your email address as the permit will be emailed to you.  If you do not provide an email address you must pick up the permit at the station.  Please submit the permit several days in advance of when you plan to burn to allow us time to process your request.  If you need assistance please contact the department at 517-629-3933.