Domestic Violence & PPO

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How to file a PPO (Personal Protection Order)
S.a.f.e Place
Sexual Assault
Substance Abuse
Financial Assistance
Mental Health

How to file a PPO

A personal protection order (PPO) is an order from the court that restrains a named individual from certain actions. A petition must be filed with the 37th Judicial Circuit Court. A PPO is effective when signed by the judge and is enforceable anywhere in the United States by any law enforcement agency until the expiration date which is included in the order. A PPO takes precedence over any existing custody or parenting time order until the PPO expires, or is amended or terminated. 

  • To file a PPO, call 269-969-6518. Speak with a Circuit Court Clerk about obtaining a PPO packet.

  • You will need to provide a detailed affidavit including dates, times, and locations of the incidents, details of any injuries, and a description of events. You should bring any proof you have to substantiate your claim, such as copies of police reports, screenshots of text messages, photographs, hospital records, etc.

  • Once you have completed the PPO packet, call the Circuit Court Clerk at 269-969-6518 and make an appointment with the PPO Coordinator. Once you have an appointment with the PPO Coordinator, it is important that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment with your paperwork completed. Otherwise, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

  • Your PPO petition will then be filed with the 37th Circuit Court Clerk's office. There are two ways to file a petition. An ex parte petition is when the petition is sent up to the judge for review without a hearing. You may also choose to have a hearing on the petition. If you choose to do an ex partepetition, the Clerk will assign your case to a judge and your petition will be forwarded to that judge for review. Your judge will either grant your petition, deny your petition, or deny your petition reserving the right for you to ask for a hearing.

  • If you choose to have a hearing on your petition, the Clerk will assign your case to a judge and your petition will be set up in a file, assigned a case number and a court date, and you will be given copies of the petition to have served on the respondent.

  • If you have chosen to have an ex parte petition sent directly to the assigned judge, call the Circuit Court Clerk's office at the time you have been advised to and find out if your ex parte petition has been granted or denied.

  • If your PPO is granted, you will need to return to the Circuit Court Clerk's office to pick up your PPO and arrange for service.

  • Once your PPO has been served, file the Proof of Service with the 37th Circuit Court Clerk’s office. 

  • If your PPO is denied ex parte a Circuit Court Clerk can assist you in setting a hearing in front of the judge.

 S.a.f.e Place

  • S.A.F.E. Place: (269) 965-7233 in Battle Creek, MI or (888) 664-9832 from other Michigan cities - Crisis line, full range of support, including housing, information, children's groups, and survivor support groups
  • Family Advocacy Program at S.A.F.E. Place: (269) 965-7233 - Legal support, counseling
  • Mary Coleman Women's Center: (269) 966-8466 - Health issues
  • Behavioral Health Resources: (517) 629-5531 or (800) 269-5870 – Batterers’ counseling, survivor support group
  • Fieldstone Center: (269) 964-7121 - Batterers' counseling

Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault Services: (269) 966-4141 or (888) 383-2192
  • Child Guidance Center: (269) 968-9287


  • S.A.F.E. Place: (269) 965-7233 or (888) 664-9832 - Temporary shelter for adults and their children affected by domestic violence
  • Neighborhoods, Inc.: (269) 968-1113
  • In As Much House: (269) 965-1148, ext. 15 - Temporary shelter for women
  • Haven of Rest: (269) 965-1148 - Temporary shelter for men

Substance Abuse

  • Chemical Dependency Resources: (800) 234-0286
  • Alcohol Abuse, 24-hour crisis line: (800) 234-1253

Financial Assistance

  • Family Independence Agency (FIA): (269) 966-1284 workers or (269) 966-1584 emergency
  • Salvation Army: (269) 966-4162

Mental Health

  • Summit Pointe: (800) 632-5449 Crisis Line or (269) 966-1460 Appointments
  • SHARE Center: (269) 964-8133
  • Fieldstone Center: (269) 964-7121
  • Behavioral Health Resources: (517) 629-5531


  • Bronson Battle Creek: (269) 966-8000
  • Oaklawn Hospital, Marshall: (269) 781-4271
  • Hayes Green-Beach Hospital, Charlotte: (517) 543-1050
  • Hayes Green-Beach Women's Health, Charlotte: (517) 543-9563