The Albion Department of Public Safety offers residents and those interested in careers in public safety the opportunity to ride along with an officer.  To ride along with an officer you must have written permission from the Chief of Public Safety or their designee and pass a standard background check.  The following eligibility requirement applies:

  1. Eighteen years of age or older and shall sign a waiver of liability form provided by the Department. With the approval of the Chief of Public Safety or a designee, a person who is less than 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver form.
  2. Shall be in good health and shall not have any condition that may hinder a police officer from performing his duties.
  3. Shall be free from arrest and/or conviction of a criminal offense or serious traffic offense.
  4. Shall not be under a Personal Protective Order or Bond Restrictions.
  5. Shall not be or have been an adverse party involved in any civil matter involving the municipality or its employees as defendants.
  6. Shall agree to provide requested information necessary to allow processing of the application by the Department.
  7. Shall agree to follow the rules of the Program and direction of the officer to which they are assigned.
  8. Shall agree that participation is limited to those hours approved by the Chief of Public Safety or a designee.
  9. Off-duty police officers from other jurisdictions may apply to participate in the program with the written approval of the Chief Executive Officer of the Department for which they are employed.
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Full Department Policy               Application Packet                    Instructions      

Packets may be dropped off at ADPS or emailed to:
Lt. Aaron Phipps (aphipps@cityofalbionmi.gov)
Caresha Kendrick, Administrative Assistant to the Chief (ckendrick@cityofalbionmi.gov).