Great news - the MEDC has officially launched the Match on Main Fall 2022 Program Round, and we are looking for Albion projects to consider.

Match on Main ( ) is a reimbursement grant program that serves as a tool to support new or expanding place-based businesses by providing up to $25,000 in funding to support an eligible small business through an application submitted, administered, and managed by the local unit of government, downtown development authority, or other downtown management or community development organization where the business is located.
Match on Main strives to support the creation and growth of businesses located in downtown districts, provide capital for place-based businesses, create and retain jobs, leverage private investment, and activate vacant or underutilized space.

If your Albion business is eligible (see Program Guide for eligibility), and has a specific project with the funding identified to complete the project, please contact for more information or call the EDC at 517.629.3926.

The deadline for local applications to be considered for funding recommendation is 5 pm October 03, 2022.

If you are a downtown business with a project that meets the program guidelines (and the funding identified to do the project) and are interested in this funding opportunity, please reach out to the EDC for a prequalification conversation and the local application to be emailed.
First, the Albion businesses will compete locally; secondly, the chosen one or two Albion projects will need to compete statewide for the competitive funding stream. No guarantee is promised on funding until the MEDC announces the final recipients.

Timing of the award will start with an Agreement being executed in the Spring of 2023, followed by a 6-month window to complete the project and submit the paperwork for reimbursement.

Please ensure that your project can work within these timeframes.
Locally, the community is seeking businesses that are actively engaged in growing their business through small business development resources (counseling, training, workshops, etc.) on an ongoing basis. A business plan is a critical component to a healthy small business and will be required for any Albion businesses seeking this funding.
Looking forward to hearing about local projects that meet the guidelines.
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